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Alsa Skog sign a partnership with Clubul Muscaricilor from Timisoara Romania for the Rehabilitation Project of Ses River from Retezat National Park, western side of Romania. It’s a strategic partnership that has the goal to help where is needed, where our knowledge and potential is cherish.

Thinking about the wild forest legacy that Romania still has, we decide to be active in preserving and cherish it’s natural beauty. Knowing that some Fly Fishing clubs are trying to fight illegal logging and massive deforestation of those wilds forests in the mountains areas, we decide to act and help those clubs involved in such an important task.

Bringing know-how, financial help, and creating partnerships we can ad value to our work, helping where every day counts.

Sponsoring the Muscarici Fly Casting Days edition 8, we establish that partnership in such a important project where we have as partners the club, Fly Fishing Romania, and Retezat National Park.